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Off we go!!

Paddington bear, Premier Inn and Elemis Spa


We safely made it to London and after dinner with Natalie (twin sister) we decided a visit to Paddington Bear statue was in order. Why you ask? Well in one of those bored moments, we were discussing where Paddington Bear had immigrated from. I had no idea but was reliable informed he is from deepest, darkest Peru. As Peru is the last stop on our adventures and London the departure point we decided a visit to the Paddington Bear statue would be appropriate.


Then it was time for an early night, we stayed at the Heathrow T5 Premier Inn, it's virtual brand new and has these cool check in machines. We were checked in within 2 minutes! If you are staying at the Premier Inn and are travelling to/from T5 use the 423 free London bus, it's the Thistle Hotel stop.

And now we at the airport and I am very excited about our first flight to Delhi. We checked in, my bag was only 12kg. Keith's was 16kg! Women can pack light. Woman can pack light. [I'm carrying half her stuff though - note from KB]


After security I rushed to the lounge, oh yes club class. Why the rush, well T5 has an Elemis Spa for passengers travelling Club and above. Heaven, facial, free food and drink. I booked into the spa and had a hydrating facial, whilst been massaged by an intelligent massage chair. The chair was a bit aggressive but the facial was lovely. [Am I allowed to comment on the phrase "the facial was lovely".......?]

Now time for a coffee or wine and then off to the aeroplane.

Next time I write we will be in India.

Bye Stacey

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Travel Preparation

Packing, paperwork and visit to hair salon

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Hello everyone,

Two days till we fly to New Delhi to start our adventure!!! Getting very excited about leaving but there is so much still to be sorted out.

We have both packed our bags, sounds organised, but I'm still not really sure I have the right things in my bag. Do I really need 4 short sleeved tops, am I going to use a waterproof jacket? argghhh. This is probably why my bag is quite full and Keith's is half empty or is it the fact that he's bag is twice the size of mine!

So packing aside, we have half a rainforest in paperwork to sort through and pack. We have so many cool outings booked and they all have vouchers to print. Why does nobody do e-vouchers, I'm thinking that the time I have spent saving them to my iPad was wasted.

Keith has been busy sorting all the house paperwork and letting banks know that we will be using our cards outside of the UK. We will see if that strategy works but I can foresee the phone call whilst standing outside a bank needing local money for an outing.

With only two days to go till we leave, I thought today would be a good day to make sure I look pretty for the trip. A hair cut and painted toe nails should do it. Keith wasn't too fussed about his appearance. So this morning, I visited JJ's Hair and Beauty salon in Batheaston village. http://www.jjshairandbeauty.co.uk/. It was a real treat, the ladies were great, all interested in the trip, and I now have a new hair cut and painted nails. The treatments were excellent and well priced. I will visit again to get my aching feet treated after the many wonderful adventures ahead!

Right time to help Keith with his many missions for today.

Bye Stacey

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